A Comprehensive Guide to Travel to Sri Lanka Safely During Covid-19 Pandemic

Have you been planning to visit Sri Lanka, and now you wonder whether it is safe to visit? For several months people have been locked inside their houses due to the novel coronavirus. With travel restrictions being relaxed, there is nothing as joyful as knowing you can travel again to your preferred vacation destination. But is it a must you travel? And if so, what are some of the ways you can ensure you visit safely?

First things first; ensure you have a valid passport, sufficient finances for your trip, andcheck various Sri Lanka visa types to apply for the right visa. 以下是一些帮助你去斯里兰卡旅游的小贴士。vwin国际

1. Access your Situation

Aerial view of beautiful seascape with fishing boats in the coast


2. Choose Transport Means Wisely

Train in Sri Lanka

Are you traveling from one part of Sri Lanka to another? If so, maybe you should consider driving to your destination as this is by far the safest means of transport because it minimizes your interactions. Avoid using cruise ships because you will not be allowed to disembark in Sri Lanka.


Boat on Sri Lanka

If you are traveling from another country to Sri Lanka, you need to know what the government of Sri Lanka requires from international travelers. For example, you are required to have a Covid-19 certificate obtained not earlier than three days before boarding a flight. Having the correct documents will ease your movement and will ensure you do not have a hard time at the checkpoints.

4. Know the Regulations Applicable in the Area of your Choice

Big Asian elephants. Nature of Sri Lanka


5. Monitor Yourself Regularly

Sandy beach at dawn. Sri Lanka



Pack several face masks, carry a sanitizer, and ensure your mouth is covered when sneezing and coughing. Carry several toothpicks to press lift buttons with and dispose of them after use.


Tourism and travel is one of the sectors that have been widely affected by Covid-19. However, after several months of lockdowns, travel restrictions have been relaxed, and people are excited to get out and have fun. However, the risk of infection is still high, so please follow the above guidelines totravel safely如果你决定旅行,确保其他人得到保护。vwin国际


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